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We manufacture high quality safety solutions for the worldwide electronics & telecommunication industries.

Group Organisation


Daito Com (Hong Kong) Limited is a subsidiary company of Daito Communication Apparatus Co., Ltd. with headquarters in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan.



Key Facts


  • Parent Co.: Daito Communication Apparatus Co., Ltd.
  • Date of foundation July 15, 1948

  • Capital ¥ 95,000,000

  • Officers:
    President Makoto Tomine
    Director Kohei Matsuda

  • Number of employees 300


Factories and Subsidiaries


daito japan


Tsukuba Daito Techno Inc.


Osaka office:
Yodogawa-ku, Osaka


Tsukuba Daito Techno Inc
Ami-cho, inashiki-gun, Ibaragi


Daito Create Inc.:
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


Daito Nagasawa Inc.:
Hachiouji, Tokyo


Shenzhen Daito Manufacturing Ltd.

Shenzhen, PRC



Click here to visit our parent company website in Japan http://www.daitotusin.co.jp/english/index.htm






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Our parent company was established in Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo in 1948 and we have been producing alarm fuses since 1949. By 1954 we were were an appointed manufacturer to NTT.


After expanding to progressively larger facilities, we began an automated line for Micro Fuses in 1984 and became UL and ISO certified in 1997.


Daito Com (HK) was founded in 2002 and our Shenzhen factory was launched in 2004 to meet the ever growing needs for our products in China and Worldwide.