Daito Com Hong Kong quality alarm fuses




We manufacture high quality safety solutions for the worldwide electronics & telecommunication industries.



We manufacture and market a diverse range of exceptional quality fuses custom made for the exacting requirements of today's high tech electronics industry.


Our products include alarm fuses, micro fuses, chip fuses, glass tube fuses and others.


fuses alarm fuses chip fuses glass tube fuses micro fuses




For details of our main product range please click here and for details of our tubular fuses (glass) click here




All our products are manufactured to meet rigorous and exacting worldwide quality standards including ISO 9001, BSI, CCC, SEMKO, CSA, VDE and TuV.


Our Mission


We provide your one stop solution for safety against electrical hazards.




Daito Com (Hong Kong) Limited:

  • Is sensitive to customers needs
  • Provides a fast repsonse time
  • Willingly accepts suggestions & reacts accordingly
  • Has a problem solving attitude















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Alarm Fuses


alarm fuses

Our wide range includes:


P/PL/SP series for various specifications


MP/SMP/EP series for 125Vac/dc system


GP/HP series for 250Vac/dc systems


UP series for 250Vac/125Vdc system


Micro Fuses - Radial Type


micro fuses

LM/DM/HM series - designed to match mounting either directly or with a holder on a board. These are visual clearing fuses through the transparent body.


VM/SVM series approved by UL and MITI.


BE/SBM/BL/SBL series - packed in tape and reel.
These fuses satisfy world common standards IEC60127-4 so that it

solves your conventional troubles to change fuses depending on the exporting countries.
Effective for high voltage power, the rated voltage is 400Vdc or 450Vdc


Micro Fuses - Chip Type


chip fuses


EM/KMC/KMD series -

Surface-mounting type. Approved by UL.